A Back Alley in Kyoto


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Sunday Hospitality, Rule of Thirds


Greenpoint, NY

“The so-called winter village cabins from Rule of Thirds exemplify the sophistication and savvy restaurateurs have achieved over the past year and a half of outdoor dining. Diners can remain isolated while still experiencing a sense of intimacy and occasion.”

- Architectural Digest PRO
"...like stumbling down a back alley in Kyoto"
When our clients requested individual outdoor tents for pandemic dining, we knew there was more that we could bring to the table. The Winter Village was an opportunity to create a new typology of dining with a service style unique to Rule of Thirds.
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Climbing into their Private Dining cabin, the guests are slightly elevated allowing the service to be conducted at eye level over an izakaya inspired bar. This change of heights creates an intimate and exciting F&B experience.

The modular design of the units also allows for adaptability with the option to combine PDRs to accommodate larger parties or removing walls for the summer months.

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Rule of Thirds boasts an extremely knowledgable staff with emphasis on their sake selection and cocktail program. Standing within the counter, the host is able to explain the menu, prepare and serve the clients in a combination of social engagement and performance.

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