Distilling the Low Country




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Charleston, SC

Projects are not born from the pursuit of a stylistic label, it is rather our client’s culture and their affinity to it, that will eventually create meaning and a sense of place to bring together all the objects and things that make them feel at home. This is how we distilled a low country vibe that was fresh yet heritage.

“...it’s not every day you get to salvage a structure on the National Registry of Historic Places.”
Hand hewn timbers salvaged from the Evan J Lide House have been transformed into a feature wall of floating shelves that flank the fireplace in this statement living room.
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It is easy to know that you’ve built client chemistry when you are specifying immersive wallpapers, artwork commissions, custom upholstery and antelope print runners.

It’s all based on trust and when you’ve earned it, your client will be delighted and surprised by the beauty in capturing new possibilities.

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