Evidence of Things.
An Interior Architecture and Design Studio,
founded by Danielle Connelly and Gabriel Gonzalez.
We work with you.
Home owners aiming for a meaningful transformation of their residence.
Hospitality entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business through spaces that tell their story.
Clarity and confidence.
We merge our expertise in Architecture, Interiors and Product Design
to deliver thoughtful and comprehensive design packages.
We guide you through the design and construction process with a technical and a creative spirit.



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Estimates, scope of work, plans... where to start? We’ll guide you.
It's all about defining what is possible and understanding how to get there. We've done this over and over again so let us lend you our experience.How much will it cost? Tough to get a straight answer on this, but our quick budget break downs will help you get started.Have you thought about what it will look like? Let’s talk first about your story.

This is probably what brought you here in the first place and is somewhere we excel. Ideas may come from a million places, but they all need to reflect who you are. That’s your story and that's where we start. Each idea builds on the core concept as we walk our way forward with sketches, layouts, mood boards, technical drawings and visuals towards a comprehensive design package: the primary communication tool for all parties involved.

Every project is a collection of moving parts. We break them down into manageable steps with specific guidance and solutions. From contractor vetting and vendor sourcing to value engineering and timeline projections, we provide a great deal of confidence and adaptability to support the construction process. Regardless of size, private or commercial, we think several steps ahead to keep everything moving smoothly.

As projects take shape, options seem endless when adding those final touches. Let us wade through this for you and pinpoint pieces that represent your universe while strengthening ties that bind the entire design together. To keep everything organized, we provide our selection master-lists that you can interact with directly whether it’s leaving feedback or tracking a product shipment.
“Working with Evidence of Things was such a great experience and has far exceeded our expectations! Danielle and Gabe did a great job incorporating our style and listening to our needs while also pushing us out of our comfort zone to create such a beautiful space.”

Residential Client, SC
“The Evidence of Things team thinks about space differently. Their creative problem solving gave us new ways to think about moving through our spaces and rooms, and brought thought and insight into every detail.”

Residential Client, NY
“Danielle and Gabriel have unparalleled creativity which pairs with their unique ability to marry their designs to the customers’ vision... Their expertise goes beyond just design including making sure that the right vendors are matched to the prototypes or final production pieces.”

Commercial Client, NJ
“Danielle + Gabriel are not only able to create solutions to problems, but make them desirable features. Concepts are presented in a visual way that is easy for anyone to understand. Maybe above anything else, they are hyper-responsive and thorough which in today's world is virtually unheard of. I couldn't recommend them any more.”

Sunday Hospitality, NY